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What are Colleges Looking For? 


Before we begin, you must understand that you have to apply to any school whether you receive an offer or not!


Yes, your measurables (i.e. height, weight and speed) do matter when colleges are recruiting you. Coaches have a prototypical size for certain positions. If someone blows them away that's smaller they will, so there's hope.. to see where you are in regards to measurables click the button below to see the average heights of other athletes at your position






There are two types of skillsets you must master: physical and mental

Physical refers to individual skills that separate you from others in your sport. For example a golfer being great at putts; wrestlers mastering takedowns; sprinters working on starts

Mental refers to your level of understanding of your sport.

Do you understand the sport you are playing at a higher level than your peers?

Do you watch film of yourself and the opposition?

Can your coach trust you to remain poised if the opposing team is talking trash?

Other Considerations

Clean social media page with a professional name

Grades not being an issue

Signs of a great teammate and leader

Multiple Sport Athlete

Essential Information

NCAA Eligibility Center

The NCAA Eligibility Center is the section of the NCAA that ensures all D1 and D2 athletes are academically eligible and maintain amateur status prior to and throughout their time in college. 




In order to play college sports you MUST apply and be accepted into the University. For assistance with applying to college 

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