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Before You Leave For The Interview
  1. Remember once you leave your place of residence the interview starts. You never know who you'll see on your way to the interview

  2. Take extra copies of your resume and cover letter (always email these in pdf)

In the Interview

1. Always be invited: Let the receptionist invite you to water, let the interviewer invite you into the office, let the interviewer invite you to have a seat. 

2. When you're asked questions, ANSWER THE QUESTION. Avoid rabbit holes 

3. When you're asked if you have questions... ALWAYS HAVE MULTIPLE QUESTIONS. Most of these will come from research you do earlier. 

4. Be Yourself. Be Authentic. Be Honest.

Sample Questions:

  • What's the culture of the department?

  • Fast forward one year from now, if the person selected for this position exceeded your expectations what would they have done?

  • Why do you wake up and come to this job every morning?

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