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Elevating YOur Potential

A guide for student athletes transitioning to college sports

Jeremiah Gaines, M. Ed, takes his combined experience as a Division 1 athlete and college educator to break down the different components of a college athlete’s career and push student athletes to work for the bigger picture of college athletics. In this book, Gaines will discuss:


  • the recruitment and application process,

  • scholarships and choosing your school,

  • money management on a college budget,

  • the need to balance athletics with academics,

  • how to be the best teammate on and off the field, and

  • gathering the resources needed to succeed beyond college.


No matter your chosen sport or future plans either in the world of business or as a professional athlete, college is meant to be a stepping stone to that future. With a thorough game plan on how to best prepare, communicate, and execute, you’ll enter the college arena with a fast start and strong finish.


A coach once told Gaines, “Most of the time, student athletes put all of their efforts into getting the chance to ‘make it,’ but then once they’re actually there, they’re not prepared for it. Then the opportunity is gone before they even realize what happened.”


That’s not going to be your story. You’re not just going to make it—you’re going to elevate above the competition and thrive.

How TO Use the book:

The book was written so that student athlete's feel connected to its transparent and personable approach but also has the feel of a curriculum with the content and tangible knowledge for parents and school districts to push their student athletes in an educational fashion.

Option 1: When you purchase the book you have the opportunity to receive discussion questions that make it easy for anybody to facilitate discussions or team building exercises. Email to receive the discussion questions

Option 2: The author, Jeremiah Gaines, is also available to lead your student, team, or organization through sessions targeted at the topics mentioned in the book. Jeremiah will use his experience as a collegiate professor to create a college-like environment to expose students to a college classroom while establishing an atmosphere for optimal growth in a safe learning environment. (Please visit                       for offerings).

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