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Real Talk! Is a sequel to the powerful book Elevating Your Potential. This iteration is an inspiring, informative book designed to teach college student athletes how to thrive in their new collegiate environment and successfully transitioning to life after sports.


Newfound independence and managing relationships. Pursuing a job after high school. Creating newly discovered skills. Overcoming stereotypes. Once you enter college, you’ll quickly realize that if you don’t find a way to manage your student-athlete balance, you’ll get burned out and something will fall behind. How do you prepare for this transition?


Jeremiah Gaines, M. Ed., takes his combined experience as a Division 1 athlete and college educator to break down the different components of a college athlete’s career and push student athletes to work for the bigger picture of college athletics. In this book, Gaines will discuss:


  • Re-imagining goals and dreams for yourself,

  • Options you’ll transition to post-college,

  • Wealth building money management,

  • Handling successes and setbacks,

  • Managing mental health from an athlete’s perspective, and

  • gathering the resources needed to succeed beyond college.


No matter your chosen sport or future plans either in the world of business or as a professional athlete, college is meant to be a stepping stone to that future. With a thorough game plan on how to best prepare, communicate, and execute, you’ll enter the college arena with a fast start and strong finish.


A coach once told Gaines, “Most of the time, student athletes put all of their efforts into getting the chance to ‘make it,’ but then once they’re actually there, they’re not prepared for it. Then the opportunity is gone before they even realize what happened.”


That’s not going to be your story. You’re not just going to make it—you’re going to elevate above the competition and thrive.

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